Staff Profile for 2018

In 2018 HakiMadini had 15 active staffs including 2 executives, 5 program teams, 5 program support Officers and 3 support staffs.

Executive team

Amani Mhinda

Executive Director and Founder
  • Masters of Law & Legal Practice, Degree in Law, Degree in African Studies
  • Languages-English and Swahili.

Amani has more than 20 years experience advocating for the rights of small scale miners and communities around mining areas. As its founder, Amani has been with HakiMadini for since the beginning as the Tanzania Mine Workers Development Organisation in 1999. He has a passion for mining policy and the positive possibilities that the mining sector presents for Tanzania and its’ development.

Grace Salafu

Finance Manager
  • Advanced Diploma in Certified Accountancy
  • Language – English, Swahili and Nyakyusa

Grace oversees financial and administrative operations, including preparation of annual income and expenditure statements, production of audited reports, and oversight of staff management. She has been with HakiMadini for 10 years, and has another 7 years of experience in accountancy and financial roles with World Vision Tanzania and the Tanganyika Farmers Association.


Program Team

Emmanuel Mbise

Sustainable Artisan and Small-scale Mining Program Officer
  • Masters of Science in Environmental Management, Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Languages – English, Swahili and Meru.

Emmanuel leads the Sustainable ASM Program, which he was integral in establishing in early 2017. He provides advice and support on matters of environment and sustainability, document translation, and negotiation of access to communities. Emmanuel has been with HakiMadini for 2 years. He has a further 5 years of experience in research and program management, and another 2 as the Local Environmental Officer for Seela/Sing’isi Ward.


Zawadi Joseph

Human Rights and Legal Empowerment Program Officer
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Languages – English, Swahili and Iraqi

Zawadi has 8 years experience in human rights and legal aid related projects. She has been integral to establishing community based paralegal and human rights monitor programs, and continues to provide support, advice and resources to those communities. In addition to her role as lead of the Human Rights and Legal Empowerment Program, Zawadi provides support and advice on a variety of legal and human rights related issues. She is passionate about protecting the rights and interests of Tanzanian communities. Zawadi joined HakiMadini in 2011


Erick Luwongo

Public Education and Outreach Program Officer
  • Bachelor of Laws, Certificate of Philosophy
  • Languages- English and Swahili.

In addition to his role leading the Public Education and Outreach Program, Erick provides support and advice on education, lobbying government and community activism. He brings 6 years’ experience teaching English in both primary and secondary schools. Erick has been with HakiMadini for 6 years and has contributed to running education programs, community education days, workshops and forums, facilitating and documenting community review of legal and policy matters relating to mining and civil spaces, documenting community experiences, views and needs for government agencies.

Joyce Ndakaru

Gender and Mining Program Officer
  • Bachelor in Journalism
  • Languages – English, Swahili and Maasai.

Joyce is passionate about building the capacity of poor communities to benefit from mineral resources, and securing both the land rights and livelihoods of women in Tanzania. Joyce has high level and practical development, language and cross cultural negation skills, and translates both documents and live presentations into Swahili and Maasai. She joined HakiMadini in early 2017 and has 12 years experience in community and economic development, and gender equality roles

Ezekiel Kereri

Sustainable Livelihoods Program Officer
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
  • Languages – English, Swahili and Maasai.

In addition to his primary role starting up the new Sustainable Livelihoods Program, Ezekiel provides support and assistance in the planning and delivery of community visits and training programs, and translates both documents and live presentations in Swahili and Maasai. Ezekiel joined HakiMadini in 2018.

Program Support

Olivia Costa

Online Communications Officer
  • Advanced Diploma in Administrative Management, Diploma in Leadership and Management, PRINCE 2 Certificate in Project Management
  • Languages – English, Swahili and French.

Olivia leads HakiMadinis’ online activities including its Face Book and Twitter accounts, tracks media reports on ASM and mining, and works with other communications officers on the development and delivery of communication content. She provides support and advice on community engagement, mobilization and event management. Olivia is HakiMadini’s representative in Dar es Salaam. She joined HakiMadini in 2017 and has more than 6 years’ experience in administration, project management, event management & communications

Catherine Melzer

Knowledge Management and Project Monitoring Mentor
  • Masters of Applied Law, Bachelor of Applied Science in Natural Systems and Wildlife Management
  • Languages – English and basic Swahili

Cate is responsible for finalisation of the HakiMadini 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, development of annual work planning and reporting standards, and working with HakiMadini officers on the development of projects, documents and reports. She provides support and advice on professional writing, managing documents and information, and project monitoring, evaluation and reporting. Cate joined HakiMadini in min-2017 and has 20 years experience policy, strategy, planning and project delivery in the public sector and NGO’s.

Sarah Kessy

Executive Assistant and Administrator
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources Management
  • Languages – English and Swahili.

Sarah is responsible for day to day management including general administration, finance, operations and staff management, and human resources management, as wells as providing support and advice to HakiMadini’s executive officers. Sarah has been with HakiMadini for 3 and has another XX experience in human resources management and administration at MS TCDC. Sarah is passionate about supporting others to build small businesses. She is currently finishing her Masters of Business Administration.

Esther Somi

Learning and Communications Coordinator
  • Masters of Business Administration in Corporate Management, Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Marketing
  • Languages – English, Swahili and Meru

Esther is responsible for managing a number of systems and standards that support HakiMAdini’s day to day activities, including stakeholder information, communications standards (such as the corporate style and templates), and central document storage. She works collaboratively with other communications officers on development and delivery of HakiMadini’s communication strategy and content. Esther provides support and advice on project management, monitoring and reporting. Esther joined HakiMadini in 2018 and has another 4 years experience in project coordination including monitoring, reporting and evaluation

Frank Fabian

Communication and Outreach Officer
  • Bachelor Degree in Information Technology
  • Languages – English, Swahili and Haya

Frank leads the in-house development of software applications and the management of external developers, including the development of technical specifications, programming, and contract administration. He works with other communications officers on the development and delivery of communication strategy and content. Frank provides support and advice on both hardware and software, as well as data and information management. Frank joined HakiMadini in 2014 and has 7 years of experience in software engineering, information technology, and communication.

Support Staffs

Liliam Lucyano

Office Assistant
  • Languages – English, Swahili and Nyaturu.

Fatuma is responsible for office cleanness, maintaining supplies and equipment, picking-up and delivering items, receiving guests and assisting with meeting arrangements. She works with the other support staff to ensure that HakiMadini’s staff and property are safe and secure. She joined HakiMadini is 2012 and has 9 years experience in cleaning and office administration.

Julius Mejooli

Security guard
  • Languages – Swahili and Maasai

Julius joined HakiMadini is 2012 and 10 years experience as a security guard. He works in partnership with the other support staff to ensure a safe and secure environment for HakiMadini’s staff and property. Julius speaks

Lucas Godwin

Security guard
  • Languages – Swahili and Maasai

Lucas joined HakiMadini in early 2018 and has 6 years experience as a security. He works in partnership with the other support staff to ensure a safe and secure environment for HakiMadini’s staff and property.