From 7th September up to 16th October of 2015 HakiMadini conducted voter education for general election in various areas namely Londoni village in Manyoni district Singida,Mang'onyi village in Ikungi district Singida,Katoma and Kampaundi village in Geita district Geita,Bahi Sokoni in Bahi district Dodoma,Tambi Matomondo village in Mpwapwa district Dodoma,Makangala village in Korogwe district Tanga,Kikunde village in Kilindi district Tanga and finally at Saza village in Chunya district Mbeya


Londoni village in Manyoni district Singida

Mang'onyi village in Ikungi district Singida

Katoma and Kampaundi village in Geita district Geita

Bahi Sokoni in Bahi district Dodoma

Tambi Matomondo village in Mpwapwa district Dodoma

Makangala village in Korogwe district Tanga

Kikunde village in Kilindi district Tanga 


Saza village in Chunya district Mbeya


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Tanzania Collected Three Years' Worth of Tanzanite Royalties in Three Months

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Tanzania: Tanzanite Bows to Govt Pressure

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Artisanal gold miners in Nigeria seek government help

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EDITORIAL: Improve miners' welfare

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Need to improve miners safety and health standards

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