Tanzanian small-scale gold mine pit collapse kills two workers


At least two small-scale gold miners died after a mine pit collapsed in Tanzania’s Lake zone region of Shinyanga.

Authorities said that the tragic accident occurred on Tuesday evening in an area close to Acacia Mining’s (formerly African Barrick Gold) Bulyanhulu gold mine.

Shinyanga Regional Police Commander, Mika Nyange said that the incident occurred on Tuesday at a mine site located in Mwanziro village in Kahama District, when the two miners were buried after the mine pit collapsed.

Tanzania’s Assistant Commissioner for Minerals (Mines inspection) Ally Samaje admitted to having received the death report of two people saying they were invaders who wanted to still from the mine site.

He said that such people invading the mine sites with intention to steal from restricted areas.

"We have issued directives to the leadership at the mine site to ensure that such pits are filled with rubbles because the areas were not only threatening the lives of invaders but also people who take part in rescuing operations in case a mining pit has collapsed.

The accident came barely four months when seven people were feared dead after a pit collapsed at a mine site in Nyangarata village in Kahama District.

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