A press statement read by Mr. Amani Mhinda, Executive Director of HakiMadini on behalf of northern zone human rights defenders coalition held 21/Feb/2018 at HakiMadini's office Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs) in this petition, are seriously concerned by the current situation of human rights violations, rule of law and the security of citizens in Tanzania.


1. The government should re-consider revitalizing the constitutional making process due to the fact that the new Constitution is a solution to various social problems in the current situation.

2. We urge the Government to establish an Independent Electoral Commission before the 2019 and 2020 elections, which will be able to balance equality and justice for all parties to avoid conflicts that may arise from the Commission’s failure to maintain equity principles in the election.

3. We recommend that an independent committee should be established. The committee should be comprised of CSOs, Religious Institutions, Media, Political Councils, Citizens, Judges / Magistrates, Police, Human Rights Commission and Good Governance to conduct independent investigations on the deaths that occurred during campaigns in Kinondoni constituency. In incidents where the police are the suspects, it is a serious mistake to leave them investigate for themselves and this has now become the source of continuance of such unacceptable acts.

4. Institutions responsible for administration of justice such as the Police and the Court should be free in carrying out their responsibilities in order to avoid anxiety and the idea that has begun to appear apparently that our rights delivery agencies are not free.

5. We call on the Police Force to fulfill its mandate with professionalism, abide by the laws, and avoid to relying on one side in order to avoid the resentment, hatred and violence that is increasing to the citizens against the police.

6. The police force should work in partnership with citizens and Civil Society Organizations and in any case never again use firearms to disperse civilians who are in peaceful demonstrations.

7. Police Officers accused of killing Ms. Akwilina Baftah should be brought to justice immediately.

8. The Kinondoni electoral officer should reflect his conducts during the election over the argents of political parties and determine on whether he has the legitimacy of continuing to be in that position again.

9. The Commission on Human Rights and Good Governance should intervene against the violation of human rights in the country by conducting independent research on what is happening in the community and proposing appropriate ways to address human rights violations in Tanzania.

10. We urge civil society organizations, governmental organizations, parliamentarians, politicians, other organizations and stakeholders to continue raising their voice and join together to fight for justice, rule of law, democracy and peace of the country mostly in this period where there have been increased incidents of human rights violations.

11. We recommend that a national committee should be formed to bring together all groups in the community and discuss issues of peace and solidarity of the nation.

12. We urge government officials to see the importance of considering these voices by giving the opportunity to talk with this group in order to receive many suggestions that the CSOs will provide for the future of our Nation.

13. Political parties should continue to use peaceful ways to claim their rights when they are violated, while CSOs continue to seek a peaceful and conscientious approach with relevant institutions and leaders in general.

14. The Parliament should perform its responsibilities as it was done in past events, by establishing parliamentary committees to investigate the current situation of rule of law, human rights, security of people and equality

15. We urge government leaders (especially those with negative attitudes about CSOs) to consider Civil Society as development partners and thus eliminate current emerging barriers to CSOs as they perform their responsibilities.





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