HakiMadini a non-profit-making organization strategically linking grassroots minerals sector realities with national, regional and international policy processes.HakiMadini is retrospectively the social justice activism wing of the small scale mining sector and communities living around and within Tanzania mineral adorned areas.We are the 'big voice of the small-scale miner' in the minerals sector! Haki (in Kiswahili) literally means Rights and Madini means Minerals. We advocate for economic and social rights within an accountable and transparent extractive industry for the benefit of the larger community.HakiMadini interogates the impact of the minerals sector activities on livelihoods, environment and societies.

To strengthen the capacities of artisanal/small scale miners and the local community to engage, participate and benefit from the mineral wealth, as well as to defend and promote basic human rights .

Tanzania: Gold Mine Neighbours to Benefit From Entrepreneurship Skills

Shinyanga - About 14 Villages around Bulyanhulu Gold Mine site in Msalala and Nyang'wale Districts of Geita and Shinyanga regions will benefit from entrepreneurship skills project aimed at engaging yo read more......
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The Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy has, for the first time, launched the Artisanal Mining Roadmap for the mining sector in Liberia. The launch of the Artisanal roadmap in Liberia will enable the read more......
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Retraining of Paralegals at Dodoma

Hakimadini conducted re-training at Dodom 11-13 July 2016 to set mechanism for legal protection to small scale miners and communities around mining areas. read more......
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Publish What You Pay Africa Conference 12-14 July 2016

Tanzania is represented by HakiMadini at the PWYP Africa conference 12-14 July 2015.The meeting is discussing PWYP governance transition and how to build a stronger extractive sector advocacy read more......
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State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) has dismissed as lame excuses claims that the suspension of mining operations at Geita-based Buckreef Gold Mine was due to forceful occupation by illegal miners. In read more......
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University enhances skills of small-scale miners, Ghana

The University of Mines and Technology (UMAT), Tarkwa, has trained small-scale miners in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality on the modern method of extracting gold from the land without destroying the env read more......
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Niger State Warns Against Illegal Mining And Environment Plundering

Niger State government has warned against illegal mining in the state and advised operators to desist from further plundering of the environment. read more......
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